New eyeglasses

Hello everyone!

This is post to show you the second pair of eyeglasses I got from Firmoo! This is not the first time I have talked to you about Firmoo, since I already used the service last year – you can find my post here.
So I recently got another pair of eyeglasses for free and here they are:
Funky right? Only downside is they are pretty big for my face, so I use them as reading glasses or when I am working on the computer. They feel heavier and sturdier compared to the other pair I got, and they arrived pretty quickly. If you are not yet familiar about Firmoo, let me give you a few information.

Firmoo is a site where you can order you prescribed eyeglasses or sunglasses with a great variety of designs and really affordable prices.

What is the First Pair Free programme all about?

In order to let you try out their eyeglasses and also the service they provide, you can receive your first pair of glasses for free and just pay for the shipment. You can find all the details and information in the link down below:

Another cool feature the website offers is a virtual try-on system that helps you get an idea of how the glasses you choose look on your face! You can do this by uploading your own photo and try on the glasses of your preference virtually. I find this extremely helpful when buying eyeglasses online.

So this was my second pair from Firmoo. Have you ever tried eyeglasses from this website? What did you think of the service and product quality? Would love to hear your comments down below!



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