Swap partner experience

Hello ladies!

How have you been doing? Today I would like to share with you my experience with a swap organised by Rachael of  http://islandgirlinsights.blogspot.com/. My swap partner is a girl from Great Britain, Emma who was so kind as to send my a big package of lovely makeup bits and bath goodies from England. I would like to mention here that all the time she has been very sweet and kind and I was very glad to get to know someone from another country that shares the same love for cosmetics with me! You can check out her blog here http://www.ohsofreshasadaisy.com/.

So let me show you what I received from Emma!

Lush Sugar Scrub & Creamy Candy Bath. They smell divine and I can’t wait to try them in my bath!
Rimmel London 60 Seconds nail polishes in 610-Pompous and 200-Princess Pink

Sleek Blush in Pomegranate. A lovely deep rosy shade which I believe would look amazing on any skintone since it is very pigmented and shows great even on darker complexions.

I tried to swatch it for you guys but I was hopelessly failing…sorry! I need to find a way to take good swatch pictures…soon!!

Rimmel London eye shadow trio with my favorite colours especially for the fall and a sexy smokey eye.

Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Mascara

Collection 2000 Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream. I loved this instantly! It glides on smoothly on the lips and gives them an almost matte finish. Really sexy!

These are the goodies I got in my swap package plus a really beautiful postcard which reminded me of the good old days when we corresponded with the classic post…it was so genuine and personal!

I will leave you with a little NOTD I did yesterday with a lovely polish I got for 1,50 euro from Beauty.com

Hope you like it!

Have you ever done a swap with another girl blogger? What was the experience like? I would definitely do it again with the first chance I got!

Take care


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